More Coffee
Well, the green coffee beans I ordered finally arrived. Sweet Maria's was real quick on shipping them out, but UPS messed up and misrouted the package. So it ended up making a side-trip to Mesquite TX before it found it's way home. The original shipment was supposed to take 2 days, it ended up taking 4 additional days to correct the mistake. The package finally showed up at 6:59 PM yesterday, and by 7:30 my first batch of home roasted coffee was packed away. Read on for the full story and this mornings impression of the results. First impression, wow. Green coffee is a MUCH different beast than the roasted beans most people are used to. The smell is very interesting and somewhat hard to describe. Almost a stale smoke smell, though I suspect that may just be the way the box smells - after all SM's is also a small batch roaster so there's probably some smoke to deal with from time to time in their building! Upon opening my first baggie of beans though [...]