More thoughts from yesterday
Think of this as a continuation of yesterdays update. First off the dishwasher did well with the little red doodad finally liberated. The fridge is now at a safe temp - but it's cranked all the way up to do it so we are going to have to have it looked at...but it can hold for a few weeks since this just isn't a good time for us to be worrying about fixing the fridge. I may also go into a bit more detail about what happens when I get a new obsession with some more talk about coffee. And just for fun a couple of fisheye photos from Christmas that I found on my memory card when I took the photos for this post. So read on for the rest of the fun. The dishwasher ran very well with it's drain now clear. I was amazed that other than not having any signs of adhesive left on it the plastic button looks completely unharmed. Given the amount of noise it had been making I assumed it would be a mangled mess. My first guess that it was bouncing around on the [...]