Joys of digital
(NOTE: I got lightbox working. Click on one of the photos in this post to check it out.) One of the interesting aspects of digital photography for me is the way that suddenly the camera make a much bigger difference in the photo than it did previously. This is of course because the camera now also does the job of the film. With film cameras it was relatively simple to swap rolls of film to get increased speed ratings or different color balances and response curves giving wildly different results for the same "photo". Yes, much of that can be mimicked through processing and at the hands of a skilled artist can be quite convincing. But there are still physical limits that could be changed or pushed with film that are fixed and solid with digital. This was even worse when all cameras created JPG's or TIF's so you were stuck with the artifacts of each cameras own software shortcomings. Thankfully RAW files bring back a lot of the flexibility of film that [...]