I've had a nasty virus the past week. Saw the doctor on thursday and he gave me some cough medicine that really does a number on me. It does a great job at what it's supposed to, manages my coughing and dries up the mucus like nothing else. But it leaves me pretty wonked out and mentally kind of "out of focus". Today I was starting to feel better. Instead of being light headed and woozy from the virus and the medicine I'm down to where I can be light headed and woozy from either the virus or the medicine. The medicine woozy is just slightly more tolerable than the virus woozy. So when Rich called to remind me that tomorrow is our pickup day for the citywide cleanup I just explained that we had already got rid of a ton of stuff to move and don't really have much more built up again yet. He then told me about how well he trimmed his trees - and offered me his trimmer. Heck he's only a block away and a nice long pole trimmer would let me do a nice job. [...]