More painting
Ok, the cell phone didn't do a very good job earlier...and now I know that even a good camera isn't going to make this very easy. Until I dig out one of my grey cards It's going to be up to you to use your imagination as to how our living room looks. Despite knowing the temperature of our light bulbs (I've put warm 2800k CFL's into almost every fixture, the fan lights are off since they don't match) I still had a hard time getting the white ballance correct on my camera...and the JPG conversion - I need to find time to process the RAW's to get these colors accurate. The first one is closest to reality - though the red isn't really that intense. Even so we've decided on a replacement that is more in line with the existing green wall and this new blue.BTW - when I worked in a one hour photo lab I used to HATE people who would bring in photos like this. If you never saw the scene it's real hard to tell what the color should be like! The only mainipulation [...]