Latest Crazy Project
So, a few weeks ago we finally got around to holding our housewarming party. I had my camera sitting at the ready in my office (which was pretty much centrally located for the festivities) but was so busy with other things I only really had one or two photos that I took! I had taken a pano of the backyard before the party started...but I've been having some serious exposure issues with my camera lately and need to setup to tests to see if I'm crazy or if the camera is. It may just be that the dynamic range in my yard is way too much for the D7...I have a feeling it may be a lens issue though. Reminds me of a previous issue I had with one of my cameras...but that's a whole different story. Maybe if I find my old film cameras while organizing the house I'll talk about it. But it's not the story for today the point right now is either I've completely forgotten how to meter a scene...or my camera isn't really doing what it says it's doing. Don't rule out me [...]