Health Benefits of Garlic and its medicinal value.
Greek physician Hippocrates used to prescribe garlic to treat a variety of medical conditions. Traditionally it is called as stinking rose or rocambole . Garlic is one of the common ingredient in almost all the kitchen and it is closely related to onion . It not only provide flavor to all dishes but it has also various medicinal properties. Garlic is being cultivated almost all parts of the world and also considered as one of the oldest (5000 years old )cultivated plant in the world .It is believed to be started its journey in central Asia spread to the Middle East and northern Africa in 3000 BC, which quickly reach Europe .The completely grown plant reaches about 50 to 60 cm in height and bears underground bulbous root containing about 8-20 bulb-lets known as cloves. The whole bulb encased with layers of white, papery-thin coverings. A bulb of garlic is usually measures about two inches in height and two inches across in a teardrop shape. The herb plant belongs to the family of Alliaceae and its scientific name Allium sativum .It gives best result when eaten raw .