Will SPIDER-MAN Replace IRON MAN In THE AVENGERS 2? - Movies In Focus
Robert Downey Jr. (King Con) has been kicking it back at Comic Con, answering questions about Iron Man and working the crowd into a frenzy. However, when he was asked about his future as Iron Man he said that he didn’t know – and that his contract was up. The star (semi?) jokingly said: “Here’s what I know, my deal runs out after we do ‘Iron Man 3’ and then we’re going to figure out exactly what Brinks truck we want to continue. The future is uncertain. I’m super happy. This has just been an amazing journey.” Now, Downey Jr. is the most expensive actor in the Marvel movie universe (he’s expected to nab around $50 million from The Avengers in profit points alone) and the company is infamous for low-balling talent, so might it make more sense to ditch the actor for The Avengers sequel and have Marvel/Disney team-up with Sony Pictures so that they can bring Spider-Man into The Avengers fold? Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield is much, much cheaper the Iron Man actor. Now, remember a few weeks ago Garfield, the star of The Amazing Spider-Man was seen with a stack of Avengers comic books. Think about it. [...]