Why THE EXPENDABLES 3 Is The Most Anticipated Movie Of Summer 2014 - Movies In Focus
The Expendables 3 continues to be Movies In Focus’ most anticipated movie of this summer. Forget about battling Autobots, comic book sequels, updated fairy tales or young adult adaptations – Patrick Hughes’ action extravaganza is the movie to beat as things heat up in and out of the cinema. It’s a summer movie from another time, a time when muscle, brawn and sinew ruled, a time before CGI made even the most impossible human feat possible on screen. Hughes and Sylvester Stallone (the franchise’s godfather) have assembled a cast that would make Ocean’s Eleven quake in their shiny shoes. A cast so powerful that it boggles the mind – the men who ruled the box office in the 1980s and 1990s, before comic book geeks and metrosexual males became de rigueur. We’re taking about the men who played Rambo, Blade, The Terminator, Zorro, Indiana Jones, Mad Max and …err…Frasier. Joking aside, this is a cast that would have melted the minds of any studio executive who could even have pondered it, however this action fan’s dream has now become a reality. In a way the first two highly enjoyable Expendables were trail runs for this third (and some say final) [...]