Warner Bros Decides On THE DARK TOWER; Russell Crowe Attached - Movies In Focus
Warner Bros. is deciding if it wants to pull the trigger on Ron Howard’s ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. It turns out that Javier Bardem, the original choice to play post-apocalyptic gunslinger, Roland Deschain is no longer involved and that Howard and producer Brian Grazer have turned to their Cinderella Man and A Beautiful Mind star Russell Crowe. Good idea. The Dark Tower is a highly ambitious idea, the plan is for the film to be a trilogy of films, two television series and there is also talk of a computer game element – making it truly cross-platform. None of this will come cheap, and that is why Universal Picture put the movie into turnaround. They thought that it was too much of a risk. Crowe adds a bit more box office clout than Bardem, who while a star in his own right, hasn’t really opened a blockbuster movie. Warner Bros. is the ideal place for such a project, as the company owns HBO – the perfect channel to air the two ‘bridge’ series. Now, consider that NBC would have aired the series if the project had stayed at Universal – one word: censorship It seems [...]