War! What Is It Good For? The Biggest On-Screen Battle Scenes - Movies In Focus
Few things stir an audience as much as a rousing battle sequence, something evidenced in the The Great Wall, coming to Digital, 4k Ultra HD, 3D Blu-Ray™, Blu-Ray™, DVD and On Demand from June 12th. In Zhang Yimou’s English language feature debut, Matt Damon fights hordes of scaly dragon-like creatures who are threatening to wear down the eponymous wall’s unparalleled defences and sweep across feudal China in a murderous rage. Incredible set design and explosive action sequences pepper a gloriously colourful and inventive 100+ minutes, all the time reminding audiences of the power of a fantastic cinematic battle. In honour of The Great Wall’s release, we take a look at some of the best battle scenes out there. Take aim! Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers | Battle Of Helm’s Deep The Setup: The good guys (including Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom) et al, are holed up at Helm’s Deep and the Orc army has arrived. Despite manfully facing up to the challenge, the odds are stacked until a resurgent Gandalf The White (Sir Ian McKellan) shows up with some help. The Battle: There’s a lot to admire in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, as well as [...]