Trailer & Poster For Bruce Willis/Hayden Christensen Thriller FIRST KILL - Movies In Focus
Bruce Willis and Hayden Christensen topline First Kill, the latest flick from director Steven C. Miller. Movies in Focus is always up for watching an old-fashioned thriller and I hope this hits the mark. I have hight hopes though, as Miller directed Willis in the rather good crime-thriller Marauders (read the MIF review) and I’m intrigued about what Christensen can do in a world far away from Star Wars (the last time I saw him in onscreen was in Jumper). On a side note, Steven Miller seems to have an impressive career lined-up – as he’s just wrapped Sylvester Stallone starrer Escape Plan 2: Hades, with Escape Plan 3 on the way. First Kill hits theaters and on demand July 21. Source: Yahoo Related