Trailer For SUICIDE SQUAD - EXTENDED CUT - Movies In Focus
Movies In Focus really enjoyed Suicide Squad. I thought it was a great comic book romp, writing ‘Suicide Squad plays like a graphic novel brought to life. It’s a fun action romp with some great turns from a bunch of actors who are clearly having a blast. David Ayer’s film gives you everything you want from a summer blockbuster and it helps build the burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe.’ (read the whole review) I’m looking forward to seeing what the extended cut does with an extra 13 minutes (I’m guessing more of Jared Lero’s Joker) – but you can get a tease in the below trailer: Own Suicide Squad early on Digital Download on 28th November, 4K, Blu-ray™ 3D, Blu-ray™ and DVD debut on 5th December Related