THE PREDATOR: Getting The Gang Together - Movies In Focus
A motley crew is defined as an assembly of individuals of various backgrounds, appearance, and character that come together for a single cause. Utilising this as the centrepiece of a narrative has been a hallmark of cinema for many years now, leading to some of our most beloved films across countless genres. An engaging and original motley crew forms much of the appeal of Shane Black’s The Predator. With the film hitting cinemas and IMAX 3D on Sept 12, Movies In Focus thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to round up the greatest motley crews in film history. Aliens (1986) Not only did James Cameron achieve the impossible by creating a sequel to a beloved film that matched its brilliance, he somehow managed to assemble an even greater motley crew to lead his story. Sigourney Weaver’s iconic Ripley is joined by an extensive roster of unique and engaging characters, from the badass tag team duo of Pvt. Vasquez and Pvt. Drake to the cowardly Paul Reiser. This is not to mention Bill Paxton’s gloriously unhinged and hilarious Hudson – think the famous knife scene with Bishop or simply ‘game over man, game over.’ Aliens may be one of the [...]