The Opening Night Of The Mayhem Film Festival 2014 With Astron-6, THE EDITOR And LET US PREY - Movies In Focus
I slid into Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema around 6.45pm and collected by press pass from a particularly ghoulish chap in the foyer (he was wearing a Halloween mask). I hit the cafe-bar for a coffee and made my way to Screen One and took my seat, ready for the Mayhem Film Festival’s opening night line-up. Film festivals always have a certain type of energy, because the people present really want to be there. Horror fans in particular have a certain emotional attachment to their genre that adds an extra buzz to proceedings. This opening night of Mayhem X would deliver everything they wanted. First up was an introduction by Chris Cooke and Steven Sheil, the founders of Mayhem, who were then followed by Mathew Kennedy, Adam Brooks and Connor Sweeney, three members of Astron-6 (who were behind Manborg), the team behind the night’s selection of short films and The Editor (a giallo pastiche, but more on that later). They give a laid-back talk about their work before the lights went down and the curtain opened to show the Astro-6 shorts. These shorts have an ‘80s video vibe, and the boys at Astro-6 embrace this video-era aesthetic. The likes of Cool Guys, Gore [...]