St Patrick’s Day Special: Top Irish Actors - Movies In Focus
A rundown of the top Irish actors– be warned this isn’t a definitive list – these are just my top picks! Michael Fassbender When I first wrote this, Fassbender was the new acting kid on the block, and on the cusp of being the next big thing. Inglorous Basterds, Hunger and Fish Tank had shown his range, and X-Men First Class, Shame and Prometheus have solidified his talent and status in Hollywood. He’s also one hell on an actor! Pierce Brosnan There’s a certain irony that Irish-born Pierce Brosnan will always be known as English spy James Bond, considering the amount of films that Brosnan has now made in his homeland of Ireland. The Nephew, Evelyn and Laws of Attraction have helped him put his Bond money where his mouth is. However, one really has to see his 80s Irish western Taffin to know that he’s been dabling in Irish films for years. Liam Neeson Liam Neeson has always been a well-respected character actor, but in recent years he’s gone to the next level as the go-to aging action badass. With Taken he showed that no ass would be left un-kicked and The A-Team kept that trend going. And of [...]