Roger Donaldson Interview Part Two: The Bounty, Conan, Bond, Cocktail & Working With Movie Stars - Movies In Focus
This second part of Movies In Focus‘ interview with director Roger Donaldson to talk about his documentary McLaren, looks at his impressive career behind the camera (read part one). We discuss such diverse films as The Bounty, No Way Out, The November Man, Dante’s Peak and Cocktail. Donaldson also talks about replacing David Lean as director on The Bounty and what it’s like working with actors like Laurence Olivier, Gene Hackman, Tom Cruise and Anthony Hopkins – and he even touches on films he never managed to direct like James Bond and a sequel to Conan The Barbarian. It’s really good stuff! Enjoy… Let’s talk about the Bounty – you replaced David Lean on that… That’s true! David Lean had fallen out with Dino De Laurentiis…I was actually writing a sequel to Conan The Barbarian. I’d gone to Hollywood to work on a project that went into turnaround and there I was without a job, so I was going to write and direct Conan – the sequel to Conan I never knew that. Conan The Librarian! Anyway, the guy that was doing that movie, Ed Pressman, who was a film producer who did lots of interesting movies – the Oliver Stone movies. He hired me [...]