Blu-Ray & DVD Review Round-Up: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, ELLE, THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE & More - Movies In Focus
A selection of new blu-ray and DVD releases. This time around: There’s thrills a plenty in classic French thriller Les Diaboliques, the Dork Knight rises in The Lego Batman Movie, Isabelle Huppert stars in Paul Verhoeven’s Elle, Marlon Brando gets behind the camera for One-Eyed Jacks and Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch carry-out The Autopsy Of Jane Doe. Les Diaboliques Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Les Diaboliques has become a seminal film in the thriller genre, one that has been homaged and copied for decades – and even remade in 1996 with Sharon Stone. The original 1955 film sees Simone Signoret and Véra Clouzot as a wife and mistress who plot to murder their abusive lover (Paul Meurisse). Their plot is a success – but then the body goes missing… Based on Pierre Boileau’s novel, Les Diaboliques was one of the first thrillers to feature a twist ending and the French-language film had a tremendous impact on Hitchcock who used the film as an inspiration for Psycho, while the master of suspense would also adapt a Boileau novel for Vertigo. Les Diaboliques is a great film, with plenty of nuance and a lot of intriguing plot points. It might not be as good [...]