Review: THE RAINBOW EXPERIMENT Is An Altmanesque Ensemble Drama - Movies In Focus
A multi-layered drama, Christina Kallas’ The Rainbow Experiment weaves a lot through its many characters and plot-lines. It’s hefty undertaking for a two hour drama and the film turns and twists as we watch the fallout from a classroom accident in a New York school. Kallas must be praised for this epic undertaking and while the film might not fully work, it’s an impressive piece of filmmaking from a low budget drama. Kallas’ film begins with a school in chaos after a science experiment (the titular Rainbow Experiment) goes awry and a student is seriously injured. Teachers, pupils and parents attempt to understand what has happened and the accident serves as a catalyst for characters to get a grip on their lives and understand who they are and where they are going. The Rainbow Experiment is Altmanesque in its overlapping characterisation, using split-screen and razor-precision editing to keep it moving along. Amongst many, we follow the school’s principal (Patrick Bonck) who fears the worst for his career and the school, the put-upon science teacher (Nina Mehta) who was in charge of the lesson where the accident occurred and Matty’s father (Swann Gruen) as he tries to get to grips with [...]