Review: THE ABANDONED Is A Russian Set Horror Movie - Movies In Focus
The Abandoned is a horror movie directed by Nacho Cerda (co-written with Karim Hussainand Richard Stanley), which tries to put a European spin on the current wave of Japanese inspired horror films. Marie (Anastasia Hille) returns to Russia after a forty year absence in order to discover information about her family who were murdered there many years before. However, when the film producer arrives at her old family home she is confronted by a ghost that is almost identical to her in appearance. Following an accident she meets a stranger named Nicolai (Karel Roden) who turns out to be her long lost twin brother. They realise that they have been summoned to the house for a particular reason – and it’s not a happy homecoming! Filmed in Bulgaria and set in Russia, this fright-fest has some very good ideas hidden within it. Part haunted house; part ghost-story and part zombie film The Abandoned has some genuine chills and shocks – but at times it also comes across like an adult version of Scooby Doo, only without the pleasure of the Scooby Gang. The main problem with the film is that most of the genuine scares come within the first hour, [...]