Review: Sylvester Stallone Toplines The Dire ESCAPE PLAN 2: HADES  - Movies In Focus
Nobody enjoyed the Sylvester Stallone/Arnold Schwarzenegger smash-up Escape Plan more than Movies In Focus. The 2013 flick was a fun actioner, which was bolstered by an above average supporting cast (Jim Caviezel, Sam Neill, Vincent D’Onofrio and..errr…Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson). Five years later, comes Escape Plan 2, a sequel which only sees Stallone and Jackson return to escape from another super-duper maximum security prison. Steven C. Miller takes over directing duties from Mikael Håfström, for this terrible follow-up which fails to work on nearly every level. This time around Stallone is sidelined into a supporting role, with Xiaoming Huang taking the lead in a cynical attempt to appeal to the Chinese market. Dave Bautista also has a supporting role – but don’t get excited by the poster – this isn’t a Stallone/Bautista buddy movie – he’s got even less screen time than Sly. Throw-in Jesse Metcalfe and Wes Chatham, alongside some totally unnecessary sci-fi elements and you get a very pale imitation of the original flick. This doesn’t feel fresh, it doesn’t feel like a homage to classic action movies – it just feels (and is) a cheap movie that only exists to fill up a DVD shelf or VOD [...]