DVD Review: Norwegian Monster Movie TROLL HUNTER - Movies In Focus
“Found Footage” movies have become ten a penny since The Blair Witch Project hit it big at the box office in 1999. However, since then the horror sub-genre has hit upon hard times, with films like Apollo 18 and The Devil Inside showing diminishing returns in the quality stakes, and lowering audience expectations. They’re not easy to get right, as the rules of this type of film often mean that audiences are left without a satisfactory resolution. Norwegian monster film Troll Hunter manages to buck the trend and deliver a film that offers audiences something new, and delivers an ending that won’t infuriate them– no wonder it’s already set for a Hollywood remake. Writer/director André Øvredal’s film follows three students as they attempt to make a documentary about the deaths of several bears in the Norwegian wilderness. They meet Hans (Otto Jespersen), who they believe to be a poacher, but they soon learn that he is actually a disenchanted Troll Hunter working for the Norwegian government. Hans lets them tag along, filming his troll hunting excursions, in the hope that their footage will blow the lid on the long kept secret. Troll Hunter really gets things right in the story [...]