Review: Nicolas Cage & Laurence Fishburne Go RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL - Movies In Focus
Jason Cabell’s Running With The Devil might not be perfect, but at least it attempts to do something new with the oft-told tale of drugs moving across the Mexico/US border. Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fisburne top-line this energetic thriller and while its no Traffic, it certainly doesn’t bore or outstay its welcome. Cage plays a quality control expert who is called in when it transpires that top-grade cocaine is getting cut down somewhere along the supply chain. It transpires that Fisburne’s dealer is the culprit, because he’s been dipping his hand in the cookie jar and sampling too much of his own product. The whole film plays out as Cage follows the drugs to make sure that high quality coke arrives and leaves each stage of the chain. A film littered by morally corrupt characters, Running With The Devil isn’t a preachy piece of filmmaking, it’s a slick thriller which is propelled with a similar type of energy which Oliver Stone made his own in the 1980s and 1990s. It’s an ensemble piece which is anchored by Cage and Fishburne featuring an impressive line-up of supporting actors who all do solid work: Barry Pepper, Cole Hauser, Leslie Bibb, Clifton Collins [...]