Review: Mysterious Taiwanese Drama THE VERY LAST DAY - Movies In Focus
Writer-Director Cédric Jouarie’s The Very Last Day is a captivating puzzle of a film. The first half of this Taiwanese film plays out like a domestic drama, while the second half flips the tale on its head, veering into thriller territory. It’s a credit to the film that this progression feels natural and the whole piece works well as a cohesive bit of storytelling. The Very Last Day is very much a film for the MeToo era – it’s a story of sexual assault and how it impacts those affected. It would have packed a punch five or ten years ago, but it resonates even more clearly now. Odd perhaps as well that it’s a film hailing from Taiwan and not the United States of America. Lawrence Ong is Raymond, a successful novelist celebrating the release of his latest book. On the outside things are looking good for the author but the marriage to Viola (Heng-Yin Chou) is crumbling now that his daughter (Meng-Hsueh Lee) has moved away to school. Things take a turn when an enthusiastic Melanie (Wei-Yi Lin) keeps appearing but if Stephen King’s Misery has taught us anything, it’s that the relationship between authors and their fans [...]