Review: MARIANNE AND LEONARD: WORDS OF LOVE Is Melodic And Melancholic - Movies In Focus
Nick Broomfield’s Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love is an epic poem dedicated to Marianne Ihlen and the great Leonard Cohen. The latter was a struggling writer who would become one of the 20th century’s greatest singer-songwriters, while the former was his Norwegian lover and muse. Their story is tangled and confused, told through a haze of drink, drugs and the mists of time, however Broomfield’s film is as wonderfully composed as one of Cohen’s songs. It might be dark, but it’s also filled with humour and intamacy. Words of Love is melodic and melancholic, a piece which looks at a relationship riddled with flaws, yet one which would ultimately last half a century. It’s a film which shows us the woman behind the man and the man behind the legend. It illustrates that nobody is perfect and that the couple’s time in the Greek island of Hydra was a troublesome as it was iconic. After watching Words of Love you could argue that without Marianne Ihlen, there may have been no Leonard Cohen – after all, she did inspire two of his greatest and most iconic songs: So Long, Marianne, and inspired Cohen to write Bird on a Wire. The film [...]