Blu-ray Review: Joaquin Phoenix Leads The Pack In Todd Phillips’ Multi Award-Winning JOKER - Movies In Focus
Joaquin Phoenix won a slew of acting awards (including a BAFTA and Oscar) for his turn as the Clown Prince Of Crime in Todd Phillips’ take on Batman‘s iconic and anarchic arch-nemesis. After talking some serious talk, it was up for debate if The Hangover director Todd Phillips could pull-off the challenge of making Joker a film which sidestepped its comic book origins and deliver something with more gravitas than your usual action-fuelled superhero movie. Amazingly, Phillips has managed to do it, crafting a film which has some hefty dramatic clout – and something to say about the state of society today. It’s not quite the masterpiece that some are saying it is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a vital piece of cinema. Joaquin Phoenix is Arthur Fleck, a lifetime loser who is scraping together a living as a clown and children’s entertainer. Arthur lives with and looks after his ill mother (Frances Conroy), a former employee of Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen), Gotham’s most powerful citizen and potential candidate for mayor of the city. Fleck is obsessed with becoming a stand-up comedian and every night he watches Robert De Niro’s Murray Franklin on his late night talk show. [...]