Review: It’s Nicolas Cage Versus A Jaguar In The Action-Packed PRIMAL - Movies In Focus
Nicolas Un-Caged – that’s what you could call this man versus nature actioner. Nicolas Cage returns to his action roots with Primal, a high octane action film which takes subtlety and tosses it overboard. Cage hasn’t been this on-form in an action movie in years, embracing the absurdity of it all and having a great time in the process. Cage plays Frank Walsh, a big-time game hunter who has managed to capture a mythical white jaguar in the Brazilian jungle. On his way back to the US, the cargo ship he is using to transport his animals is commandeered by the military to transport a deadly assassin, Loffler (Kevin Durand) back to the USA. Things take a turn when the assassin escapes, releasing the animals in his wake. With the aid of Famke Janssen’s Naval doctor, Frank must recapture the animals, stop the assassin and get the ship back on course. Director Nick Powell’s film embraces its B-movie roots and offers up a gloriously over-the-top premise in a film which plays like Under Siege meets Deep Rising (which ironically co-star Janssen). Cage is back to his Con Air and The Rock best, chewing the scenery as he stalks his [...]