Review: Irish Horror BEYOND THE WOODS Is Rich In Characterisation - Movies In Focus
When you’ve seen as many horror films as Movies In Focus, then you’re always hoping that you’ll dig into something that’s a little fresher which offers up something different rather than more of the same. I found that in Sean Breathnach’s Beyond The Woods, a well characterised low budget ‘cabin in the woods’ film set in Ireland. The film sees a group of old friends meet up in a remote house in the Irish countryside. It looks like it’ll be a weekend of fun and frolics but a dampener is put on proceedings when a sinkhole opens up close by. However the molten cavity unleashes more than a bad smell from its sulphurous fumes… I’ve said time and time again that horror films are built on strong characterisation – and Beyond The Woods has it in spades. You get to know each of the characters before the supernatural elements kick in and this puts Sean Breathnach’s film in good stead from the beginning. It also helps that the film’s cast (Claire Loy, Seán McGillicuddy, Irene Kelleher, John Ryan Howard, Ruth Hayes, Ross Mac Mahon and Mark Griffin) deliver good performances, offering up some personality in the way that they tackle [...]