Review: Get Lost In The Woods With Wilderness Thriller SURVIVAL INSTINCT - Movies In Focus
Survival Instinct is a low budget British horror-thriller from Midlands-based writer/director Steve Lawson. The film riffs on the old trope of being caught in the wilderness and being chased down by an assailant (a favourite for fiscally fickle filmmakers) and films like Duel, Deliverance, The Most Dangerous Game are obvious creative touchstones. The film targets these previous efforts and it hits the mark for what it sets out to achieve. If you go in expecting that type of survival film (albeit on a budget) then you won’t leave disappointed. Lawson’s film sees Stacey and Thom (Helen Crevel and Jay Sutherland) on their way to a wedding when their car over-heats. Stacey takes-off in search of help but Thom comes a-cropper when he stumbles upon a father-son pair of poachers (Andrew Coughlan Sam Smith). Stacey eventually comes back but the duo aren’t interested in leaving around any loose ends and they take-off after her. However, they don’t bargain on Stacey’s tenacity or ingenuity once her Survival Instinct kicks-in. You don’t need to beat-about-the-bush with this sort of movies and there’s no point in spending time in the build-up. Survival Instinct runs at a tight 85 minutes and Lawson doesn’t spend too [...]