Review: Daniel Craig Is James Bond In SKYFALL - Movies In Focus
Skyfall is a great movie, not just a great James Bond movie, but a film which stands on its own outside of the long running film series. Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond is his best yet (even though I was a big fan of the unfairly maligned Quantum of Solace). It’s truly epic in scope, something which has drawn comparisons with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, however, it is best to remember that Nolan “homaged’ certain Bondian elements for his Bat franchise (and Inception). The opening sequence drops us straight into the action, following Bond and ‘Eve’ (Naomie Harris) as they attempt to track down a stolen hard-drive which holds the names of undercover spies throughout the globe. The mission is a disaster, Bond is presumed dead, while Eve is deskbound (read into that what you will). Back in London things aren’t looking so well for Judi Dench’s M. MI6 headquarters has been attacked and Ralph Fiennes’ Mallory is forcing her to resign. The world of espionage is not what it used to be, and soon M has to justify her actions to a committee – something which is very current in today’s political climate. Bond can’t let [...]