A postcard of a seaside town, the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s debut album Greetings From Asbury Park might look like a tacky memento of a long forgotten summer holiday, but it is reminder of how the New Jersey town impacted the singer-songwriter, playing a major part in the laid-back sound of his debut release. Asbury Park was rich with gutsy bravado, a sonic melting pot which led to the bluesy rock ’n roll sound which helped propel Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt and Southside Johnny into the public consciousness in the 1970s. Tom Jones’ Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock ‘n’ Roll looks at the history of Asbury Park, detailing the decline of its impressive blues and jazz scene, the riots during the summer of 1970 (which tore the town apart) and resulted in racial lines drawn being across the east and west of the city. It was during this time that young musicians, still reeling from the one-two punch of Elvis and The Beatles, rose from the city’s ruins, cutting their teeth in the bars and clubs of the city to create a jazz-rock infusion which still echoes across its sandy beaches. Featuring interviews with Springsteen, Van Zandt and Southside Johnny [...]