Obituary: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Director Dies - Tobe Hooper 1943 - 2017 - Movies In Focus
Tobe Hooper changed cinema forever with 1974’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not only is the film one of the great films within the horror genre, but the title also entered the general lexicon, conjuring-up a million horrific images (even if the film shows very little violence). Hooper’s career may have been patchy, but boy did he deliver with his debut. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre came out of nowhere in 1974, terrifying audiences with its deranged characters and iconic villain Leatherface. Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper’s film was loosely inspired by Ed Gein, the real-life killer who also served as the inspiration for Psycho and The Silence Of The Lambs. Henkel and Hooper keep things simple, as the film spirals towards its climax. The fast and loose vérité style of Hooper’s movie predates the now popular found-footage horror sub-genre. This faux reality makes the film even more horrific and the BBFC banned the film outright believing its overall tone was what made it unsuitable for audiences. Hooper’s film helped launch the slasher genre of the ‘70s and ‘80s, kick-starting the trend for iconic horror films. Legal wrangles meant that it took over ten years for a sequel to reach the screen, [...]