Obituary: Death Of A Ladies Man - Leonard Cohen 1934 - 2016 - Movies In Focus
Leonard Cohen was a novelist, poet, actor, artist, singer, songwriter and a gentleman. He created a body of work that that will be forever cherished and prized amongst those who admire him. Cohen had a respectability that few could match and I imagine that even kings, queens and lauded academics would have bowed to his stately gravitas and intelligence. He emanated the aura of knowing everything – even though his tremendous modesty meant he would be the first to tell you that he did not. Cohen first came into the public consciousness of the masses during the 1960s folk movement, alongside the likes of Columbia Records label-mate Bob Dylan, but he wasn’t really part of that ilk. The Canadian was older and wiser than his contemporaries, and had already been a published poet and novelist. His words and music struck a chord with a youth looking forward to a future that leaned towards love rather than hate, but many were put off by the bleak and bare sounds of Cohen’s early records. Dylan may have had more fury in his music, but Leonard Cohen always took a more measured response. His songs are little pieces of art, shaped by their [...]