Movies In Focus’ Top 20 Horror Films - Movies In Focus
It’s very difficult to distill something into a list of ‘bests’. However, sometimes it’s good to take stock of something and evaluate the quality, trying to understand what it should or shouldn’t be. I’ve been writing about films for a decade now and Horror films are a large part of Movies In Focus has become, so I feel it’s about time I dove head-first into the genre and plucked-out what I feel are the genre’s best efforts. There are exclusions, which even to my eyes seem odd – for example Vincent Price and Hammer Films don’t make an appearance and the Universal monsters seem to be woefully under represented. Some films were excluded because they skirted the line between horror and another genre, be that thriller or science fiction, but I decided to select those which I think create a set of genre rules and an unabashed sense of terror and fear. Here’s the list… Halloween (1978) John Carpenter’s 1978 film essentially created the slasher sub-genre. High on tension and surprisingly light on gore, Halloween is the benchmark by which all modern horror films are evaluated. Carpenter’s score has also gone down as one of the definitive horror cues and it has recently inspired a whole [...]