Movies In Focus Is Part Of The Femme Filmmakers Festival 2019 - Movies In Focus
Movies In Focus is thrilled to be part of the Femme Filmmakers Festival 2019. Organised by the masterful Robin Write of Filmotomy, the online festival showcases 20 short films across 10 days and also includes 21 feature films and a bunch of out of competition shorts. All of the films put the focus on female filmmakers. It runs from from 6 to 15 September. I’ll be one of the festival’s jury members, watching the films and helping select the winners. I’m in incredibly esteemed company. Joining me will be… Jasmine May – holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film, and is a screenwriter who enjoys analyzing works. She is also a strong proponent of growing diverse representation in the global cinema industry. Niccolò Montanari – has built experience in fashion film, worked with film directors, production companies to support distribution of video content across online media and international film festivals. Lala Aliyeva-Klychkova – a woman writer and director from Baku, Azerbaijan. She has an experience of being an honourable judge at Crown Wood International Film Festival and AI Film Fest. Sonia Sobrino and Miriam Sobrino – or the Also Sisters. Both active filmmakers, cinematographers with several short films in the [...]