Movies In Focus Goes To The 2014 EE BAFTA Awards And The Full Winners List - Movies In Focus
The glitz, the glamour, the Baftas. Movies In Focus was once again on the red carpet for the 2014 EE Bafta Film Awards. The evening was much sunnier and warmer than last year’s event which saw the stars (and the less glamorous journalists) battered by wind, sleet and snow. This year’s ceremony had a great mix of movies – and the awards had a good spread too. I walked the red carpet (always a thrill) and arrived at the bloggers pen next to The Royal Opera House (across from E News, which featured my visage all evening), where I was greeted by Mark Kermode. We talked about the awards and the mighty Michael Fassbender, who we both hoped would take home the Best Supporting Actor award (disappointingly, he didn’t). It was then on to business as the rich and famous (and the less rich and famous) began to arrive. Ray Winstone, Gillian Anderson, Richard E. Grant and Christoph Waltz were amongst the first to appear, followed by Ron Howard and Martin Scorsese – the latter shot down the track like an Italian race car in the former’s Bafta nominated movie. Speaking of which, Rush star Daniel Bruhl then took to [...]