Movies In Focus Attends The 2015 Baftas And The Full List Of Winners - Movies In Focus
This is the first time I’ve went into the Baftas with such a clear opinion of who I wanted to win. It was Birdman of course, Alejandro Gonzále’s mesmerising drama starring Michael Keaton. It was never going to be easy though, as Gonzále’s film was up against the might of The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything and Boyhood. Keaton’s performance alone could be praised at length though I knew he was never going to truly win when he was against British Eddie Redmayne’s turn as Stephen Hawking. Redmayne had just too much momentum going in and of course the Brits always like to keep these things homegrown whenever they can. My fears were fully realised and Redmayne walked away with the acting honours, while Birdman only scored for Emmanuel Lubzeki’s scorching cinematography. Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel won five awards including Best Screenplay, but the major surprise was that The Imitation Game was simply ignored and Richard Linklater’s Boyhood took home awards in three of the main categories. I’ve done this red carpet gig several times now and this year I was at the top of the red carpet opposite the entrance to London’s Royal [...]