Meet The JUSTICE LEAGUE Team - Movies In Focus
Warner Bros. Pictures’ and DC Entertainment’s Justice League sees a terrible force threaten mankind. DC’s most iconic characters, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman and Aquaman must band together to defend the Earth. Ahead of the release of Justice League, out on digital download March 12 and on 4K UHD, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD on March 26, we’d like to get you reacquainted with the ultimate DC super hero team… Superman Well I believe in truth… but I’m also a big fan of justice. One of the most recognised and loved superheroes in pop culture; Superman has always been a beacon of courage and hope to people. To save their baby son from the dying planet of Krypton, his parents rocketed Kal-El to Earth where he was found and raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent. He was named Clark and thus began his journey as a man not of this earth but still determined to defend it. As the most powerful being on the planet, his amazing abilities are a sombre reminder of how different he is from the people he dedicates his life to protect. One of the original founders of the Justice League he has fought valiantly [...]