McG Talks LETHAL WEAPON; Jordana Brewster Joins The Cast - Movies In Focus
Movies In Focus is on record as saying that a Lethal Weapon TV series is a bad idea. It’s happening though and now director McG has revealed his hopes, dreams and fears about rebooting the iconic movie franchise for the small screen: “It’s extremely tough doing this. I’m thinking all the time about what is it Mel delivered and what is it Danny delivered. Richard Donner is someone I look up to tremendously. What did they do to create that magic and how can I adjust that and capture the essence of what it is, but make it new and work for today? I think [Phil] Lord and [Christopher] Miller do it so well. You see what they did with Jump Street, which was no gimme. I wouldn’t have believed that Fargo could ever live up to the film and it certainly did. I hope I get Lethal Weapon right or I’m going to feel sick about it for a very long time.” Meanwhile, Jordan Brewster has been cast as Maureen Cahill, ‘a Los Angeles Police Department hostage negotiator and in-house therapist who works with traumatized cops’. This is a character that didn’t appear in the Lethal Weapon movies, but I [...]