Kevin Costner And Mike Binder Set To Reteam For BLACK AND WHITE - Movies In Focus
Here’s some great news – Kevin Costner is set to reteam with writer/director Mike Binder for Black And White. The independent drama, which is set to shoot in New Orleans this summer, will also star Octavia Spencer. Costner’s Treehouse Productions and Binder’s Sunlight Productions will produce. Here’s the dope from Variety: “Binder is directing from his own script, focusing on an attorney (Costner) who is widowed after the car crash death of his wife and finds himself embroiled in a custody battle over his biracial granddaughter. Spencer will portray the grandmother of the child.” Why should you be excited by this? Well, Binder and Costner last worked together on the great comedy/drama The Upside Of Anger (you should check it out!). I hope that I don’t have to explain Costner’s genius (it has been a focus of…er…Movies In Focus from the start), but Binder has also had a fantastic career, which has gone under the radar – despite having worked with some very big stars – Binder has a great touch with actors, having directed the likes of Adam Sandler in Reign Over Me and Ben Affleck in Man About Town. You should also check out the wonderful Indian Summer. [...]