Interview: TREEHOUSE Director Michael Bartlett Shares His Top Ten Movie Making Tips - Movies In Focus
Treehouse was a highly impressive horror film that surpassed all exceptions, coming across as The Goonies meets Halloween. Movies In Focus reached-out to the film’s director Michael Bartlett to discuss his Top Ten Moviemaking Tips. Bartlett seems eager to share his behind-the-scenes knowledge of the film-world (he has his own site Making The Film) and these tips will make interesting reading for those wanting to direct their own films and for those who watch on the other side of the screen. Enjoy… 1. Cast is 50% of a director’s job. If the most talented director in the world works with amateur actors, their film is likely to struggle. We all remember what a great film Gran Torino was until one of the kids let out such a terrible performance we found ourselves cringing. To be sure of the best cast, get a good casting director on board who will help you reach out to talent you would otherwise not have been able to find. Most are willing to cut deals for good and interesting projects. I hired Heather Laird (based out of Kansas City) for Treehouse who cast Winter’s Bone She found me my two leads through Breakdown services and hand-picked a number [...]