Interview: SLEDGE HAMMER! Creator Alan Spencer - Movies In Focus
Alan Spencer is the comic genius behind the much loved cult television show Sledge Hammer! A smart pastiche of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry films, the show starred David Rasche as Detective Sledge Hammer!, the tough no nonsense cop who talked to his gun. Spencer was a child when he first discovered the work of Mel Brooks through the television show Get Smart (a film version is due out Next Year with Steve Carrell,). Fascinated by Brooks’ style of comedy, Spencer snuck onto the set of Brooks’ comedy masterpiece Young Frankenstein and met his idol. Despite only lasting two series Spencer’s Sledge Hammer! has had an enduring appeal and the show has been a huge hit on DVD around the world. I interviewed the witty, intelligent and, let’s be honest – writing mastermind Spencer, to discuss topics ranging from his inspirations to the chances of a Sledge Hammer! film. Throughout the interview he was frank, funny and open, and he gave his opinions on such hot topics as American politics and the state of television comedy today. He let me know what ideas he’s working on, so we can expect a lot more from this acid witted wonder in the future. [...]