Interview: MEG Author Steve Alten - Movies In Focus
The best part of being a film writer is the chance to talk to people within the industry and talk about their process and views. Novelist Steve Alten may not be “Hollywood” but he has hand an interesting experience in the city of angels (L.A, not the Nicolas Cage film). Just to give you a bit of warning there are quite a few sailing and fishing puns in the following article but I do feel that you will find it nautical but nice. The first time that I heard of Steve Alten was about seven years ago when I’d heard that a movie was in the pipeline featuring a giant prehistoric shark. I’ve always enjoyed shark films, obviously there’s Jaws and its sequels and Deep Blue Sea featuring Thomas Jane and Sam Jackson. I thought the concept of a giant prehistoric killer shark was a great idea and I began to follow the development of Meg. However as is usual in the Hollywood system the film got caught in the net that is development hell. The film switched studios from Disney to New Line and when the budget rose from the $70 million range to $150 million the boys at [...]