Interview: Director Nick Willing On THE HAUNTING OF RADCLIFFE HOUSE And How To Make Genre Movies - Movies In Focus
Nick Willing is a writer-director-producer who has directed numerous television mini-series that have tackled many famous tales. From the likes of Alice In Wonderland (1999) and Jason And the Argonauts (2000) to Tin Man (2007) and Neverland (2011), Willing has delivered impressive epic spectacles on television and more recently, he’s brought the series Olympus to the small screen for Syfy and Spike. However, Willing also has a new horror film that has just dropped on DVD – The Haunting Of Radcliffe House (also known as Altar – read the MIF review) which is a wonderfully old fashioned ghost story starring Matthew Modine and Olivia Williams. Movies In Focus spoke with Nick Willing to discuss the movie and how he delved deep into his skills as a filmmaker to deliver a horror film filled with classic genre trappings. The Haunting of Radcliffe House was originally called Altar – why the title change? That was something that Channel 5 did without me knowing. I would not have called it that myself. I wasn’t crazy about the title change. I think it’s a little bit hokey. The whole point of calling it Altar, for me, was that it was a type of pun. It was a [...]