Interview: Director Brett A. Hart Talks The Nerdist Channel And AIN’T IT COOL WITH HARRY KNOWLES – Part 2 - Movies In Focus
This is part two of an exclusive two part interview with director Brett A. Hart (read part one). The Nerdist Channel is a new YouTube partner channel aimed at (and produced by) those who are “passionate about comedy, gaming, music, comic books, puppets and magic”. Not only is YouTube behind the show, but also the very impressive line-up of The Jim Henson Company, Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video Entertainment and Nerdist Industries. The channel was founded by Chris Hardwick and Peter Levin – its aim is to deliver content straight to those who want it, bypassing the traditional television route. The Nerdist Channel has been a major success since its launch last month-one of the stand out hits being Ain’t It Cool With Harry Knowles. The show is a spin-off from Harry Knowles’ immensely popular site, Ain’t It Cool News, which many consider to be the ‘granddaddy’ of all internet movie sites (yes, even this one). Knowles is an enigmatic character who has become as famous (or is that infamous?) as those he reports on. The Austin-based new show, headed by Knowles, is effectively Pee-wee’s Play House meets Siskel & Ebert by way of the Tales from the Crypt’s Cryptkeeper, something [...]