Interview: Chris Cooke And Steven Sheil Founders Of Nottingham's MAYHEM FILM FESTIVAL - Movies In Focus
Broadway Cinema is Nottingham’s shining cinematic beacon, a wonderful establishment which plays host every year to the Mayhem Film Festival. Mayhem shows an eclectic selection of horror and sci-fi movies over the Halloween period, while also throwing in interesting events such as filmmakers with Q&A sessions. Over the years the festival has played host to directors such as Ben Wheatley, Gareth Edwards and Nicholas Roeg (to name but a few), while also premiering some unique and visionary genre films. The festival was started by Chris Cooke and Steven Sheil, two filmmakers and horror fans dedicated to giving film audiences a memorable cinematic experience. Movies In Focus quizzed Chris and Steven on the origins of the festival, the horror genre and much more. Enjoy… How did the Mayhem Festival first come about? Tell me about its origins… Chris Cooke – Ten years ago Mayhem started out as a short film festival – adding a feature, moving to the Halloween weekend and slowly, after 3 years, becoming what it is now – a 4 day long celebration of genre. It keeps evolving. We’ve added science fiction to the mix. It started because we love horror cinema. And we knew there was a [...]