Interview: Actress Barbara Crampton Discusses PUPPET MASTER: THE LITTLEST REICH, Horror & Writing For Fangoria - Movies In Focus
Actress Barbara Crampton is a horror icon, She made her movie debut in Brian DePalma’s 1984 thriller Body Double before segueing into horror, going on to star in many of the genre’s most beloved films over the last thirty-five years. Films like Re-Animator, Chopping Mall and Castle Freak sit alongside a plethora of television shows as varied as Hotel, The Young & The Restless and The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. Crampton recently starred in the gloriously OTT Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, a fresh instalment of the franchise in which she first appeared in 1989. She’s also writing for the recently resurrected Fangoria magazine and producing a Castle Freak remake. Movies In Focus caught up with her to talk about her recent work and what it’s like to have such a long and varied career in cinema’s most popular genre. I absolutely adored Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich movie. It was such a brave piece of filmmaking and great fun. What was it like being in it and how did you get involved? Because I was in the first Puppet Master, I guess the people at Cinestate, Dallas Sonnier, thought of me and wanted me to be a part of [...]