Interesting Keaton - Movies In Focus
Michael Keaton is one of the best actors working in Hollywood – it’s just that he doesn’t work enough. He seems to want to work at his own pace, taking parts which interest him – not necessarily the lead. Here’s a fantastic interview with Keaton by Daniel Kellison, where he discusses his career, Batman, life, politics…everything. It’s long, but well worth reading. The most interesting titbit is that Keaton is developing a possible reteam with his Batman co-star Jack Nicholson, although Keaton is of the belief that it may not come together: “Daniel: You still see him ever? (Nicholson) Michael: I still see him now and then. I’m talking to him about a project right now, but I don’t really hang out with him. We don’t really lead similar lifestyles … Daniel: Do you think the project will come together? Michael: Actually, I don’t. I’m directing this movie, and I shouldn’t say this, but I’m actually being very realistic, I think he’s being very, very, very particular about what he wants to do now. He’s not 29 years old anymore, and he just passed on a Nancy Meyers project. She’s a very successful director, and he just said no to [...]