George Clooney: Movie Star Part 2 - Movies In Focus
This is the second in a two part profile of actor George Clooney. Read Part One. There are movie stars and then there is George Clooney. The man is the epitome of old style charm and charisma and he has been compared to Cary Grant on so many occasions that it would be superfluous to do so here. I’m going to take a look at his (sometimes controversial) career in order to have an overview of his work as a director, producer and Oscar-winning actor. Good Night, and Good Luck was Clooney’s second film as director, following the critically acclaimed, but little seen Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Both films have a low key aesthetic with impressive casts. While Dangerous Mind failed to connect with audiences, Good Night, and Good Luck reached a larger audience and struck a chord with critics and audiences. Although the film was only a modest hit, it broke out of its niche market despite its black and white visuals and McCarthy-era setting. Wearing his political views on his sleeve once more, Good Night, and Good Luck offered audiences a thought-provoking and weighty look at America in the 1950s and showed that intelligent cinema could [...]