George Clooney: Movie Star Part 1 - Movies In Focus
There are movie stars and then there is George Clooney. The man is the epitome of old style charm and charisma and he has been compared to Cary Grant on so many occasions that it would be superfluous to do so here. I’m going to take a look at his (sometimes controversial) career in order to have an overview of his work as a director, producer and Oscar-winning actor. This isn’t going to be a totally biographical piece. It’s not going to analyze his life or critique his early work, as few readers would be interested in the likes of failed television pilots such as Sunset Beat (a show that featured a young and mullet-sporting Clooney as a cop by day and a rocker by night.) Instead we’re going to look at Clooney as he took his first tentative steps from ER to movie stardom. Clooney is an actor who is unafraid to take risks. He’s used his star power to bring non-commercial and controversial pieces of cinema to the screen. Not since the 1970s has an A-list actor put his weight into producing such a varied portfolio of work. However, in 1996 things started off so differently. At the [...]